Hello, my name is Sophie and I’m addicted to rose gold

Here are some Rose Gold things that I want/have/need.

Rose Gold Wants

1. Lisa T Rock Couture Tea-light Holder

I was in Target over the weekend and nearly fainted with excitement when I saw their Lisa T home ware collection. I bought the tea-light holder in Rose Gold (obviously) and matte black and also the black/rose gold wall clock all for less under $60 – thanks Target! Now I just need to find somewhere to put them.

2. Kevin Murphy Colour.Bug in Shimmer 

The Kevin Murphy Colour.Bugs are a funky temporary alternative for colouring your hair. I have used the purple one before which is awesome but when I saw this one in “Shimmer”  I felt yet another pang of wanting something i don’t need and probably won’t use – me and hair things don’t play together nicely. Nevertheless it’s a nice little package to look at.

3. Alexander Wang Marion Bag 

I’ve been looking for a new handbag for I-kid-you-not two years now because I am so fussy about handbags (and boots!). Unfortunately this one is wayyyyyy wishful thinking given the exxy price but this is the sort of thing I am looking for in my next bag purchase. Simple, classic shape with metallic embellishments, big enough to use day to day, not so big that I fill it to the brim and injure my spine #girlproblems. If you have any bag suggestions for me PLEASE HALP!

4. 8 Other Reasons “& Ever” Ring 

I’ve been loving the trend lately of stacking a billion rings on every finger of both hands and I realised that all my rings were kind of statement rings that looked really weird together. So I purchased this ring (along with 6 other basic rings) and I am planning on slapping them all on at once and feeling fabulous. Maybe I will even manicure my nails for once.

5. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Fragrance

My perfume collection needs an update and I love the simplicity and elegance of the Chanel bottles for all of their fragrances. I will have to go to Myer or DJs and sample all the smells. Fragrance shopping is probably my least favourite type of shopping (which means very little) because I just suck at smelling things. It will need to be a group shopping spree so I can get some second opinions. Anyone want to come with?

6. Olivia Burton Navy Watch with Rose Gold Face

I have been checking out these The Horse over-sized watches which I have seen all over social media and LOVING the chunky watch look in general and really want to splurge on one of my own. I am eyeing up this Olivia Burton one which comes in the Rose Gold face with both a Navy and a White leather strap. I still can’t decide which one i want more….

7. Frends Taylor Headphones 

These….. I have been obsessed with these headphones for way too long and I think i am just going to take the plunge and buy them. My boyfriend will look at me with utter disgust (he’s a total audiophile and calls them Beats for girly girls) but I JUST DON’T CARE. Look at them. Just LOOK at them. They are absolutely stunningly beautiful.

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