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I’ve realised I do this (probably weird) thing where if I need to update something in my wardrobe (jackets, bags, dresses) I will “shop” by staring at random babes on the street as they walk past, checking out what the people around me are wearing. Lately I have been “shopping” for boots. I am finding myself drawn to the lace free Chelsea boot styles with the chunkier heel. Here are my top pics for my next boot purchase.


1. Miista Ciara Cut Out Heeled Ankle Boots

When I saw these on Asos I simultaneously squealed at their awesomeness and cringed at their price. These are by far my favourites of the above but sadly I’ll have to put them on my Hi-Mum-Christmas-Present-Hint wish list, and if that’s not successful my Mate-You’re-Dreamin’ wish list.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Rum Moto Boot

I love the harness look and Jeffrey Campbell shoes are great quality and usually very comfortable, at least in my experience. The heel on these boots looks low enough to wear day to day and high enough to make you feel like a bit of a babe.

3. Midas Shoes ROCKED Boot

Again with the harness look but with a twist – the harness on these Rocked boots can be detached completely which makes them quite versatile – removing the harness will take them from edgy to classic instantly. These boots also come in a really nice tan colour which seems to be hard to find these days. I haven’t bought any Midas Shoes before but I have poked my head in their stores on more than one occasion to admire their range of quality boots.

ROCKED Midas Shoes

4. Pascal Rocboots

When I first moved to Melbourne in 2010 I bought my first EVER pair of boots. They were the Territory Rocboots and I still have them 4 years later, and though they now have a small hole and don’t look as beautiful as they once did, they are still in one piece, very much wearable and still so, so comfortable. It was my introduction to these boots that firmly cemented my role in society as a Boot Babe. I have no delusions about the quality of this brand – they are the real deal. Seriously. Rocboots. Wow. I also LOVE that you can STILL BUY the Territory boots. I am really keen on trying another shoe from their small but perfectly refined collection and the Pascals are just so babe’n. Gosh I’m really loving the word “babe” today.

5. TopShop MINE Leather Buckled Ankle Boots

These are actually quite a tasty, wallet friendly alternative to the just-out-of-reach Miista Ciara boots at number 1. I love the detailed heel on both of these boots AND the TopShop ones have a harness. They are beautiful!


6. Windsor Smith Player Boots

To be honest I have never been that into Windsor Smith but this year I’ve found myself staring lustfully at the window display. This season they have just nailed every single style they’ve brought out and these Player boots are the cherry on the top of one kickass icecream sundae. I am obsessed with my gold/silver details and love the teeny tiny little steer (I’m assuming that’s what it is, I actually don’t know, Buffalo? Ox?) anyway, it’s gold and I want it…

Let me know how you babes do your boot shopping in the comments below. Suggestions are always welcome! You can also follow me on TWITTER | FEEDLY | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN


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