Make Up Your Mind | On Beauty Boxes & Catching Up

An old housemate once looked at my make up collection and told me it looked like the one she had when she was eight years old. This was because the little make up I owned was mostly given to me by family as gifts… admittedly probably when I was eight.

Thanks to (or no thanks to) both the realisation that I was no longer eight and needed a more adult collection, plus the discovery of highly addictive things on the internet like blog and youtube tutorials and of course /r/makeupaddiction, I discovered I had a lot of catching up to do – over a decade of catching up to do – and I’m not that old. My stale “Hey Sister” eyeshadow palette in the two shades of pink was no longer going to cut it.

According to the rest of the world I needed between 2 and 500 eyeshadow palettes, some Nars blush, some Too Faced bronzer, some high-end lipsticks, some Maybelline Colour Tattoos, some Lime Crime lip products, some fake lashes, every MAC product ever AND a brush for every one of those products, even if they ALREADY came with a brush. Being a girl is exhausting, I really don’t know how you guys do it.

Although discovering all this new stuff about priming and lining and contouring and bronzing was all very exciting it was also highly overwhelming for someone whose morning make up routine had previously been “can-I-really-be-bothered-with-mascara-this morning” – though perhaps that says more about my attitude to mornings and having to be somewhere than it does about make up? With all this new information I found myself feeling anxious about buying the RIGHT products, everyone just seemed to have so much. I didn’t necessarily want to have a huge collection but I did want a small collection of things I really liked using to make the 8 year old me happy.

I managed alright on my own. After some research I bought a few products that I am really happy with…

ilivehere MakeUp FavesClockwise From Left: Real Techniques Blush Brush & Contour Brush, Urban Decay Naked 2 and Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion, MAC Candy Yum Yum, Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Blush, Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Tremble, Urban Decay Baked Bronzer in Gilded, Lime Crime Lipstick in Poisonberry

…BUT THEN, once again thanks to the internet, I discovered Beauty Boxes. It was a dream come true. I could expand my collection without having to fret over whether I was buying the right thing. That could be someone else’s job! Thanks to Messy Downunder’s elaborate and highly scientific review I bought myself myself a “gift” of a three month subscription to Violet Box (no literally, it had to be bought as a “gift” because the website was weird and would only let me subscribe month by month or yearly otherwise).

ILiveHere Violet Box

I got my first box in October and I am pretty happy with it! It contained:

WotNot Facial Wipes

I forgot about these until I sat down to write this so I haven’t yet given them a go! OOPS.

Eslor Cleanser, Peeling Gel, Lifting Mask and Day Cream (4 x samples)

I’ve tried all the sample sachet’s now and I’m not that fussed on them though they have probably one more use so I won’t rule them out just yet.

Designer Brands Lip Pencil in Nude

I’ve never owned a lip pencil…. what do I do with this thang? I don’t really know… But it matches a couple of the other things in the box so that’s nice.

ILiveHere Violet Box October 2014PHR Professional Haircare Recovery Leave-in Moisturiser

This one is only a sample again but I have short hair so will probably get three uses out of it. It smells absolutely amazing!

Haughty Cosmetics – Perfect Finish Lip Gloss in Pull It Together

A bit of a tacky looking lip gloss but the colour is nice – and it’s a full size product

Designer Brands Eternal Colour Lipstick in Pink Rouge

My favourite from this month. I don’t have any nude-ish pink colours and this is a bit Kylie Jenner so LOVE

ilivehere Violet Box DB Eternal Colour Lipstick

And that’s the lot. I’m not sure if I will renew my subscription. I will have to see what I think of November and December boxes.

Do any of you subscribe to Violet Box (or something else box)? How do you like it? Also, how do you use lip liner? Help me below with tutorial links/advice… please…