Sneaker Night

Throwback to that time baby V released a song about how you should go clubbing in sensible footwear to ensure maximum dance effort, basically.

Okay so it kind of looks like a Sketchers ad disguised as a music video but I’m pretty sure the girl was onto something. It’s six years later and I can’t walk around my neighbourhood without seeing fifty girls wearing their Nikes. I don’t know if it’s because they look awesome, because I’m so relieved I can be cool AND comfortable or if it’s just that I am just a sheep following a trend – All I know is, I am so not ready for Sneaker Night…

…and this just won’t do.

So let’s pretend, for a moment that I am not being a sheep. Let me have my sneakers

SneakerNight Picks

Images sourced from Pinterest. Contact me if they are yours.

What do you think of this sneaker revolution? Here to stay or too good to be true?