The 2014 I LIVE HERE X Victoria’s Secret Live Blog

5 Minutes Before Show: Finally, the day is here. I cannot wait to watch this you have no idea. OMG OMG OMG LIVE BLOG LIVE BLOG THE SHOW IS STARTING.

Showtime: Welcome to London! A quick London history to start us off and then some slow motion intros of the ANGELS! (Sorry, don’t know the majority of their names) and also of the special guests (can’t wait,Taylor!).

5 minutes in: It’s all about the gold! I wish it was practical for me to wear gold wings everywhere. Behati is so excited to be back at school… whut? Now some behind the scenes. Apparently there are 47 models in this show! I can name five of them. 

Dream Girls: TAYLOR SWIFT IS HERE! Wearing a cute floor length nightgown that I now have to have…. Taylor pretends to get drunk on jealousy. Her microphone says 1989 and her heels are FLUFFY. Now that I mention it, everyone’s are. OMG Karlie Kloss’s wings are amazing. Wow. How do they even make these things? Cutee Bff moment between Taylor and Karlie who is now singing. Taylor is done, Ellie Goulding looks excited, Liam Payne not so much.

Alessandra and Adriana: The quintessential “Angels” who get to wear the fantasy BRAS (x2) this year, It’s more than a dream come true! I love Adriana’s crazy eyes. They enter as Arabian princesses to Ed Sheeran’s serenades. Do an awkward dance move…. Were they really the fantasy bras?  Sorry, I’m underwhelmed.

15 Minutes in: I am really confused as to what this section is supposed to be. They usually have quite clear themes. This started Arabian nights-ish, now it’s a confused mixture of American Indian feathers and Gypsy skirts. Thanks Ed, you’re beautiful.


“Nailing the end of the runway pose is like scoring a touchdown”.

The University of PINK: This is always my favourite section because the costumes are so fun. Ariana announces she wants to spank a booty. Who will be the lucky booty? The first set of wings in this section are amazing, fluffy graffiti wings. I am also digging Ariana’s half undies half skirt. Would we call it a butt-flap?Whatever, still cute. So much going on on stage right now with Ariana doing yet another medley (See AMAs) WHY girl? We know you have other songs! What are you trying to prove?

Dude announces Taylor Swift is premiering STYLE! Hell to the yes.

Fairytale Feat Hozier: The next section is apparently all fairytale themed. The wings look ah-mah-zing. Why can’t wings be a normal fashion statement? Can I make this happen? The runway in this section is moving butterfly lights. I could not walk on that… let alone in heels…

The Russell James Show: Buy the Angels book! Everyone loves him.

Style: Karlie and Taylor open this section which has a black swan vibe – or maybe I’m only getting that because we’ve just had to watch Karlie do some ballet? Taylor’s costume once again is awesome and I have no idea who that was in the audience but she was clapping and yawning simultaneously (lol). Taylor, as always, nails her camera stares at the end of her songs. Like scoring a touchdown?

The Finale: It’s always a bit awkward seeing the models who didn’t make it past the University of Pink wearing those same costumes in the finale. But, there’s 47 of you and there can only be a select few “Angels”. Maybe next year? It starts raining black balloons. Ariana Grande has just leaned in to tell Ed Sheeran she “likes big black balls

The Verdict: Live blogging is hard without ad breaks to catch up! This has been fun, though I think next time I’d like to do something live-live like one of those televised talent shows (The Voice, X Factor, Australia’s got Talent) or something where there are breaks and also you know everyone is watching the same thing at the same time. This will mean I’ll have to get addicted to some trashy reality stat… I say that like it will be a hard thing to do but really… who am I kidding? FEED ME TRASH.

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