The Procrastination Pantry: Goats & Robots

Good morning, fellow procrastinator.

It’s Monday which means a lot of you out there will have FIVE WHOLE DAYS OF WORK before you can have that sweet, sweet two day break which always ends too quickly and is never quite fulfilling enough.

To make THIS week a little easier, I invite you to enter The Procrastination Pantry ™. The Procrastination Pantry is my little cupboard on the internet where I keep all the things I can do with my time instead of doing my dishes, my laundry, my grocery shopping, my job, and other such adult human responsibilities.

Here’s what’s in my pantry this week…

1. Goats Riding Horses

Apparently this is a thing that happens…

2. Stock Image Searching

For some reason I end up looking at a lot of dentist’s websites at work. You mightn’t be surprised to hear that almost all of these contain stock photos of a happy elderly couple with brilliantly white, perfectly straight teeth. There is a huge variety of stock photos available, all following this same formula – the elderly couple with nice teeth. Given that all the fun websites are blocked at work, a colleague and I have developed a stock image formula game. The rules are simple:

  • Summarise the formula in a phrase of five words or less
  • The top 12 hits for a Google image search of the phrase should return only stock photos

For example

“Smile Eating Salad”

Smile Eating Salad

“Frustrated Hair Pull”

Frustrated Hair Pull

“Happy Family Jumping Field”

Happy Family Jumping Field

You get the idea… Hours of fun…

Got an idea of a stock image formula? Let me know in the comments!

3. Shitty Robots

Reddit in general is a great procrastination tool, however every so often an obscure-ish subreddit crops up that has me scrolling for hours. This week, ShittyRobots has filled that void in my soul. Enjoy a few of my faves below….

and click here for more /r/shittyrobots,

4. This Whale

A virtual stress ball. I have this one bookmarked.

5. I Live Here!

You’ve already started using this method of procrastination by being here, right now, reading this sentence (how present of you) so why quit while you’re ahead? Click the images below to read more.

Why Are You So Dirty ShTPeopleEmailMe HowToTrickPeople

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of The Procrastination Pantry! Be sure to join me next week for another instalment.

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