Pop Music


Thanks to Tessa’s uncanny ability to win stuff we spent TGIF last Friday night at Katy Perry’s PRISMATIC Tour, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

This year I’ve made it my life’s mission to see as many artists as I can at their Melbourne shows – this has included Justin Timberlake, Miley and Katy Perry. I have to say, the pop stars know how to entertain and Katy Perry is no exception.

From an insane number of costume changes, aerial stunts, circus acts and rotating stages to kale and gluten jokes and awarding one lucky kid “A Pizza from a Pop Star”, PRISMATIC was pure entertainment from beginning to end.

Prismatic Highlights

  • Walking on Air = Katy Perry literally walking on air
  • Dark Horse = Katy Perry riding lifesize golden horse
  • Roar = Opening number where it’s revealed the stage has built in conveyor belts for “running on the spot” moves
  • Birthday = Katy flies around the arena hanging by balloons UP! style
  • This Is How We Do = Featuring a blow up car, some seriously groovy dancing + giant floating emoticon balloons (even the poo one)
  • Hot N Cold = A seriously jazzy version of this song. Think Pink Panther meets Chicago meets Cats
  • ET = Diamond Aerial Performers and DRAMA
  • Unconditionally = Katy proves she’s got pipes

I’ll stop before I list the whole show…

Tessa and I naturally took the opportunity to dress as fabulously as possible. We have a heavy influence on one another’s love of tackyness.

Sophie & Tessa I Live Here

Tessa made her skirt entirely out of pompoms and it was so amazing she had strangers asking if she’d be in their photos. We are all trying to convince her to open an Etsy store so if you are interested in one of these babies for your bad self – watch this space.

I wore a sequinned red dress and gold bag, both from The Chapel St Bazaar (an amazing OpShop/Antique Store), boots from TopShop and necklace from Sportsgirl. The most amazing item however, was this Rock N Roll denim jacket which I miraculously found the night before the concert at another OpShop. I am pretty sure it has been hand decorated so, to whoever slaved over this masterpiece with the glitter glue – thank you, thank you, thank you.

KatyPerry Outfit Sophie

During the show Tessa and I got up to dance only to be scolded by the woman behind us who was angry that she couldn’t see. This was immediately after Katy Perry HERSELF had just asked us all to “Jump”. It wasn’t our fault, Katy told us to. Is there some kind of Rod Laver seating etiquette I don’t know about? That Katy Perry doesn’t even know about? Are you not allowed to dance at Pop concerts anymore? Is it bad that we ignored her groans of complaint and just… had… a… good… time..?

I’m going to say no…

So tell me, what other Pop artists are MUST SEEs for people like me who believe less is not more when it comes to costume changes and also that you can dance whenever you want to wherever you are?

Also if you know who made this jacket, give them a big sloppy kiss from me.



I Know Exactly What I Want and Who I Want To Be

A few weeks ago a song came out that I have not stopped listening to. It’s called Froot.

Since it’s Wednesday and everyone is doing their #WCWs I thought it was… appropriate? to share my, not so much crush, but aspiration to BE or at least be like, Marina Diamandis. She is fabulous in more ways than just her Frootiness.

Marina, best known by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds, has some of the best lyrics in pop, the tastiest electro synthy beats, a brain in her head (read some of her thoughts on Lady Gaga and pirating music on her, now defunct, blog) and she looks like a babe.

Marina And The Diamonds

I think the lyrics thing is why she is often compared to Lana Del Ray. For me, this is where their similarities both begin and end – and it’s not because the lyics themselves are similar, it’s because they are similarly good, which in pop music is soooo rare.

I am not A Robot lyrics

If I hear another “put your hands in the air like you just don’t care” when listening to the radio I might just cry, and totally disregarding basic rules of the English language?


“Don’t wanna hear you lie tonight

Now that I’ve become who I really are”


“There ain’t no guarantee

But I’ll take a chance on we”


“I’m about to strip and I’m well equipped

Can you handle me the way I are?”


You’re not even trying!


I was first introduced to Marina by my boyfriend, of all people, who NEVER likes my girl pop so clearly she is doing something very clever to have such a broad fan base. Though, I think if I play Froot one more time he might change his mind…

Marina’s third studio album, also titled Froot, won’t be released until next year which crushes my soul a little bit but hopefully she will do a Tswizzle and release a few more songs beforehand because I HAVE FROOT FEVER.

I will leave you what is still my fave Marina song and video.